Senior iOS Developer

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Since our establishment in 2013, we have been managing all the processes required by a mobile application under same roof, investing in startups with global growth potential and enabling them to reach audiences. With nearly 150 B2C products we have developed to date, we simplify the daily lives of individuals and offer them unique experiences. Utilizing our technology and marketing know-how, we create individual and corporate business models.

As one of the leading companies in the IT industry, we shape the industry and carry out creative and innovative projects in line with the requirements of the digital age. We touch the lives of more than 3 billion users with our mobile applications and expand our impact by transforming our in-house solutions into SaaS products. With our Rockads, VerifyKit, Desk360 and Zotlo services, we offer businesses solutions that allow them to manage their business on a global scale effectively.

Apply now if you want to join the strong and ever-growing Teknasyon team and become part of this story! You can be the “Senior iOS Developer” we are looking for!


  • Minimum 4 years of experience in iOS software development,
  • Good command of Swift language (Objective C experience is a plus),
  • Proficiency in iOS architecture and design patterns,
  • Knowledge of CPU, memory management, debugging, leak and zombie objects,
  • Experience with REST API, HTTP(S), JSON, XML for client-server communication,
  • Experience in programming with AutoLayout, Instruments, Storyboard, XIBs, code,
  • Good command of Git, Fastlane, Firebase Crashlytics, event monitoring, Jenkins, Cocoapods,
  • Experience with UI/UX is a plus.
  • Knowledge to encrypt http(s) requests and sign IPA files,
  • Analytical and critical thinking,
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills, solution-oriented attitude,
  • Enthusiasm to improve skills,
  • High motivation for innovations,


  • Developing modular, performance-oriented modern web projects using best practices,
  • Fixing bugs in accordance with the current project structures and helping develop new projects,
  • Carrying out analysis of modules that need to be updated and designing the necessary architecture for them,
  • Clean coding and speeding up the programming by creating different algorithms,
  • Actively taking part in the code review process as a team member,
  • Carrying out performance tests for apps and helping debug,
  • Giving support to the team by developing new intra-company front-end technologies,


  • Being part of a big team who makes global apps,
  • A team that values open communication, multidimensional leadership and teamwork,
  • A dynamic work environment which relies on collaboration,
  • Never-ending opportunities for learning and improvement,
  • Internal, external and online training,
  • An office full of joy and activities,
  • Monthly social events organized to lift the team spirit,
  • Bonus pay when your colleague thanks you,
  • Bonus pay to give a reference for your friend to be hired.