Facebook Open House


At the Open House 2017 which is the biggest event of Facebook Turkey also attended by the Facebook EMEA leaders, a co-founder of Teknasyon, Burak Saglik participated as one of the speakers. The event started with the speech of the Turkey's Country Director, Derya Matras. Matras said: "Today we will listen to the success stories of our best business partners in Turkey".

Burak Saglik who took part as a speaker at Cross Border panel - Open House 2017 together with the CEO of Modanisa, Kerim Ture, answered the questions about the activities of Teknasyon in the global market.

Burak Saglik said: "We had been the biggest company closely working with the local operators in Turkey, producing content and mobile solutions for Turkish people. With the support of Facebook's marketing power we became a global company At Teknasyon we use Test & Learn culture also adopted by Facebook in our project lifecycles. By trial-and-error method we get the best results and carry out our marketing activities on the global scale in accordance with these findings We do not believe that the companies which do not invest in mobile technology infrastructure will be able to survive in the global market in the long run. Therefore, we closely monitor the ever changing digital world and invest in marketing and technology fields. For instance, we have established a new platform which operates integrated with facebook panel for acting faster in our marketing activities. Communication world changes rapidly. By switching to the video format instead of texts and images mainly consisting of photographs, we started obtaining more efficient results. We build creative content together with our product managers and art directors and simultaneously use them in our marketing activities"