Panteon, Will Open To The Globe With Teknasyon Investments!


Panteon which is among METU TEKNOKENT companies will open to the global market by selling 75 percent of its shares to Istanbul-based mobile technology company Teknasyon. The company's founding partner Ufuk Şahin made the following statements about the sale of shares to Webrazzi: "unfortunately, it is not enough to develop quality products under today's conditions. After a while, you develop only in an infinite loop, but you see that you may not achieve the commercial success you want. Teknasyon is a very strong and experienced company especially in digital marketing area. We believe that with the funding and marketing experience which is provided to the company, Panteon will achieve tremendous success when it combines the power of development.."

Sahin, having stated that they will continue their activities in Ankara also stated: "We believe that Ankara, especially ODTÜ Teknokent is a very suitable ecosystem for such creative works. We see the positive effects of large and successful universities and a comparatively orderly urban life.".


Panteon is a gaming company founded by an experienced team of gaming developers in 2012 in METU Teknokent following the making of successful productions such as the first browser - based game 'My War/Savasim' (2004), 'Last War' (2008) and 'Middle East War (2009). In addition to the recreational games, the company conducts also R & D projects for the educational purposes of the games. In the light of the experience gained from these projects, the company develops various educational games and applications for the Government Bodies such as Ministry of National Education and AFAD. In the head office of the company at METU Teknokent, Panteon, which encompasses the latest technologies that can be needed for game and animation development such as hand, face and body Motion Capturing systems, also develops technologies which can shape the future such as "Translating voice into 3-D sign language". "MoBu" which was offered by Panteon in 2015 as an "experimental" game was published by Apple in 159 countries was announced as the "Editor's Choice" and was awarded with many prizes with more than 5 million downloads.