"Golden Sponsor" at Boğaziçi TechSummit!


We hosted 45 students at our Istanbul office within the scope of the event. After the presentation made by our HR team, we gave the students a tour of our office and they had an opportunity to see how mobile apps are developed from the very first point namely the idea of the app to its design and software processes. It was an exciting experience for us to host students who have career goals in technology.

At the following weekend, Teknasyon CTO Fatih Üstündağ made a speech called "How to Develop a Global App with Millions of Users" in which he discussed the key points of production processes of global mobile applications. In our workshop "How to develop fast and high-quality apps by using open source technologies", with future software developers, we also created a "cafeteria application" to make life easier for all Boğaziçi University students. Students now can easily access to daily menus of the university cafeteria with this application.

Students who visited our booth discovered with our software team the world of Teknasyon by examining our apps that are used all over the world. Also, our HR team gave information about the internship and part-time job opportunities in our company to students who want to carve out a career.