Mobile Applications Product Manager

We, as Teknasyon Yazilim which is one of the fastest growing informatics companies in Turkey, have been developing mobile applications and at the same time, providing services as a substructure provider in GSM sector. By focusing on production of sustainable services/applications, and the projects which we generated with Facebook and the cooperating with the leading GSM operators, we continue to be the pioneers of the sector. 

We as Teknasyon Yazilim, having collected dynamic, creative, efficient and specialized skills in each of its fields, we are looking for Product Manager.


  • BS or MS degree in engineering or relevant fields, 
  • Minimum 4+ years of experience in mobile application's product management
  • Proficiency in MS Office Programs, 
  • Knowledge or experience for mobile application'stechnologies , 
  • Experience in mobil application's product management, 
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English, 
  • Solid organizational skills including attention to details, 
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, 
  • Enthusiasm about new technologies, 
  • Strong communication, negotiation, analytic, and critical thinking skills, 
  • No military obligation for male candidates for at least 2 years, 
  • Living or able to live in Istanbul,  

Job Description

  • Determining the product's features by observing the business needs and make them revised, 
  • Following up the business developments, implement them to the product, creating business process flow charts and revise them when necessary, 
  • Create product and service paths accordingly to market expectations, local and global trends, technological developments and competition, 
  • Before taking the product live, providing user acceptance test trials, 
  • Following the market and innovations to create alternative product suggestions, 
  • Creating improvement suggestions for the current or new product to increase profit in accordance to company marketing and sales strategies, 
  • Following up and creating action plan with the managers after evluating product perfomances, 
  • Making reports and analysis of the products in which the manager is responsible of, following up and creating action plan with the managers after evluating product perfomances. 
  • SeniorityMiddle-Top Lavel
  • SectorComputer Software
  • Type of EmploymentFull-Time
  • Areas of BusinessInformation Technology