Senior iOS Developer

As a mobile app developer and substructure provider, we are one of the fastest growing informatics companies in Turkey. We, as Teknasyon Yazılım, have produced applications that bring together latest technology with more than millions of people in 55 different languages in more than 200 countries. We are turning from local to global and getting full support from both Facebook and Google. Also, we keep collaborating with the leading GSM operators in Turkey.

We support our teammates who are over 190 in number to encourage them to improve themselves in any area and we provide them with a free, comfortable and fun workplace to keep their motivation high.

Our aim is to strengthen the team of Teknasyon even more with our life-touching approach to recruitment process. If you think you are doing your job passionately and have teamwork skills, we are looking forward to you to join our fast-growing Teknasyon family!


  • Have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, software engineering or related fields,
  • Think you are jaw-dropping with your 2-5 years of experience in iOS software development
  • Fascinate everyone with your knowledge on mobile applications project management and development
  • Claim we cannot find any iOS developer better than you,
  • Know you will show the rest of the office a clean pair of heels not only with your analytical thinking skills but also with your fun personality,
  • Have an innovative perspective,
  • Have teamwork skills, strong communication skills and a solution-oriented attitude,
  • Say, “I have made my career plan and I want to be an expert on iOS.”,
  • Have completed your military service or postponed for minimum 2 years,

Job Description

  • Excel at iOS 7+ SDK, XCode, Objective-C, Swift and Interface Builder,
  • Know at least one of the iOS basic security solutions (encryption, code signing, password check) by heart,
  • Think you are an expert of Object-oriented programming and developing service-oriented apps,
  • Have knowledge on Web services/REST API (And you are also experienced in these!),
  • Run rings around everyone with your experience of version control systems (SVN or GIT).
  • Are so self-confident that you claim you can write a thesis about User Experience (UX) and mobile design patterns,
  • Think you can carry out analysis, engineering design and coding projects by international standards,
  • Believe you are able to test the performance of the apps developed and improve the data received from the test results,
  • Have the ability to correct the errors found in the user acceptance tests,
  • Say, “I can improve all the substructures and apps, which my team is responsible for and I will also be responsible for their maintenance and develop new substructures.”,
  • Believe you can read and understand a written code and assess the result of any change you make on it,
  • Are good enough to understand how a project works and to improve its interface and coding structure,

you can be the Senior iOS Developer we are looking for!

  • SeniorityMiddle-Top Lavel
  • SectorComputer Software
  • Type of EmploymentFull-Time
  • Areas of BusinessInformation Technology