Senior Frontend Developer

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Founded in 2013, Teknasyon is a tech company that manages all processes that digital products may require internally; including programming, design, sales and marketing. It has reached more than 1.5 billion users worldwide with the mobile apps it has developed. In addition, by developing its internal solutions into SaaS products such as Rockads, VerifyKit, Desk360 and Deepwall it offers these services to other companies with similar needs. Teknasyon also takes steps in growing and revitalizing the start-up ecosystem with its investor role and continues to support foreign and local ventures it sees potential in.

Apply now if you want to join the strong and ever-growing Teknasyon team and become part of this story! You can be the “Senior Frontend Developer” we are looking for!


  • Minimum 4 years of experience with JavaScript development,
  • Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, JavaScript (Jquery, AJAX, OOP, MVVM), React (Hooks, Redux, Next.js) and/or Vue.js (Vuex, Nuxt.js),
  • Experience with web service technologies like RESTful API etc.,
  • Competence in NodeJS, Npm, Yarn, Webpack and Gulp,
  • Sticking to the clean code principles,
  • Good command of version control systems such as Git, etc.,
  • Experience with Cross Browser (mobile & desktop) compatibility testing and Responsive coding,
  • Knowledge of design principles of user experience and user Interface,
  • Analytical and critical thinking,
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills, solution-oriented attitude,
  • High motivation for innovations,


  • Developing modular, performance-oriented modern web projects by integrating front-end codes of designs from the design team into web services JavaScript, React, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3/SCSS and RESTful API,
  • Fixing bugs in accordance with the current project structures and helping develop new projects,
  • Carrying out analysis of modules that need to be updated and designing the necessary architecture for them,
  • Actively taking part in the code review process as a team member,
  • Giving support to the team by developing new intra-company front-end technologies,


  • Being part of a big team who makes global apps,
  • A team that values open communication, multidimensional leadership and teamwork,
  • A dynamic work environment which relies on collaboration,
  • Never-ending opportunities for learning and improvement,
  • Internal, external and online training,
  • An office full of joy and activities,
  • Monthly social events organized to lift the team spirit,
  • Bonus pay when your colleague thanks you,
  • Bonus pay to give a reference for your friend to be hired.