We, as Teknasyon Yazilim which is one of the fastest growing informatics companies in Turkey, have been developing mobile applications and at the same time, providing services as a substructure provider in GSM sector. By focusing on production of sustainable services/applications, and the projects which we generated with Facebook and the cooperating with the leading GSM operators, we continue to be the pioneers of the sector.

We offered the services with an innovative view, by generating creative solutions with a major team and offered such services to 35 million people in Turkey until recently and we continue providing them.

Our applications which had their places in the global market in 2014 and reaching to the top in 2015  have reached to millions of users  in many countries from Brazil to Italy, from Spain to India. The products of Teknasyon Yazilim in Apple Store and Google Play Store, which is Turkey’s face opening to the world in its own field are being followed by 44 million users in 155 countries and in 48 languages.

Our astrology application named AstralCoach, which provides purchasing services by comparing the tickets of more than 900 airline companies with our products such as Uygun Fiyat (reasonable price)continue to improve our success graphic. We cause famous names in their own fields with the subscribers that are specialists in their fields with our services under Turkcell Sim Menu. In addition to our powerful technical substructure, we are continuing our path with sure steps to become a global brand with our high-end performance products suitable to the Technologies used for different operator services in local and global markets.

We as Teknasyon Yazilim, having collected dynamic, creative, efficient and specialized skills in each of its fields, continue to grow and expand our business with over four offices in different locations and over 130 employees.